This report serves as a background report of the main report of the ADMIRE REBUS project (see Uyterlinde et al. 2003). The report focuses on challenges that arise from changes in politi-cal support systems, lead time and risk with respect to investment in RES-E technologies. It dis-cusses which tools and strategies that can be used in order to overcome these challenges. The objective of this report is to elaborate further on the above-mentioned discussions compared to the main report. This is mainly done based on illustrative case studies with data taken from questionnaire analyses and data surveys.

Uyterlinde, M.A., B.W. Daniels, M. de Noord, H.J. de Vries, C. de Zoeten-Dartenset, K. Skytte, P. Meibom, D. Lescot, Tim Hoffmann und Marcus Stronzik (2003), Challenges for investment in renewable electricity in the European Union: Background report in the ADMIRE REBUS project , ECN report, ECN-C--03-081. Download


Uyterlinde, M.A.
Daniels, B.W.
de Noord, M.
de Vries, H.J.
de Zoeten-Dartenset, C.
Skytte, K.
Meibom, P.
Lescot, D.
Hoffmann, Tim
Stronzik, Marcus


Renewable Electricity, Risk, Support Policies