1. Discussion und Working Paper // forthcoming

    Strategies under distributional and strategic uncertaint

  2. Discussion und Working Paper // 2023

    Thermodynamik - grundlegende Einsichten für ein Verständnis von Umweltproblemen

    In diesem Beitrag stellen wir einen Weg vor, der es erlaubt, grundsätzliche Aussagen darüber zu treffen, dass wirtschaftliches Handeln schädliche Auswirkungen auf die Umwelt mit sich bringt. Diese Auswirkungen…

  3. Discussion und Working Paper // 2023

    What Are the Priorities of Bureaucrats? Evidence from Conjoint Experiments with Procurement Officials

    While effective bureaucracy is crucial for state capacity, its decision-making remains a black box. We elicit preferences of 900+ real-world public procurement officials in Finland and Germany. This is an…

  4. Discussion und Working Paper // 2022

    Fundamentally Reforming the DI System: Evidence from German Notch Cohorts

    We study a fundamental reform of the public Disability Insurance (DI) system in Germany. Effective 2001, cohorts born after 1960 are no longer eligible for “occupational DI.” Occupational DI (ODI) implies…

  5. Discussion und Working Paper // 2022

    The Impact of COVID-19 on Education in Latin America : Long-Run Implications for Poverty and Inequality

    The shock of the COVID-19 pandemic affected the human capital formation of children and youths. As a consequence of this disruption, the pandemic is likely to imply permanent lower levels of human capital. This…

  6. Discussion und Working Paper // 2022

    Procuring Survival

    We investigate the impact of public procurement spending on business survival. Using Italy as a laboratory, we construct a large-scale dataset on firms---covering balance-sheet, income-statement, and…


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