Climate technology becomes more and more relevant in international environmental policy negotiations. At the Kyoto conference binding emission reduction targets have been established for several regions of the world. The major challenge is how to realize these reduction goals with minimum costs without generating new distributional and social difficulties. The book analyses the macroeconomic structural and distributional impacts of greenhouse gas mitigation strategies for the EU and the member states.

Capros, P., P. Georgakopoulos, D. Van Regemorter, S. Proost, T. F.N. Schmidt, Henrike Koschel, K. Conrad und E. L. Vouyoukas (1999), Climate Technology Strategies 2, Bd. 4, Physika, Heidelberg.


Capros, P.
Georgakopoulos, P.
Van Regemorter, D.
Proost, S.
Schmidt, T. F.N.
Koschel, Henrike
Conrad, K.
Vouyoukas, E. L.