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Mit diesen Beiträgen, die überwiegend in Englisch verfasst sind, beteiligen sich die Forscher/innen des ZEW an wissenschaftlichen Fachdebatten. Die Publikationen enthalten vorläufige Beiträge, die zur Veröffentlichung in Fachzeitschriften vorgesehen sind. Die Discussion Papers können ab 1.1.1998 als pdf-Datei abgerufen werden. Sie richten sich an nationale und internationale Zielgruppen.

  1. ZEW Discussion Paper Nr. 21-059 // 2021

    Buyers’ Workload and R&D Procurement Outcomes: Evidence From the US Air Force Research Lab

    Does workload constitute a bottleneck to a public agency’s mission, and if so, to what extent? We ask these questions in the context of the US government’s procurement of R&D. We link tender, contract, patent,…

  2. ZEW Discussion Paper Nr. 21-058 // 2021

    Racial Disparities in the Health Effects From Air Pollution: Evidence From Ports

    This study examines the uneven effects of air pollution from maritime ports on physical and mental health across racial groups. We exploit quasi-random variation in vessels in port from weather events far out in…

  3. ZEW Discussion Paper Nr. 21-057 // 2021

    Non-Compliance With Temporary Agency Work Regulations: Initial Evidence From Germany

    Temporary agency work and outsourcing to a service contractor are two forms of alternative work arrangements with rather complex legal aspects which firms use for external staffing. The regulatory complexity of…

  4. ZEW Discussion Paper Nr. 21-056 // 2021

    Supporting Residential Energy Conservation Under Constrained Public Budget: Cost-Effectiveness and Redistribution Analysis of Public Financial Schemes in France

    In the context of tight public budgets and increasingly ambitious climate objectives, the performance of the support policies for residential energy conservation works needs to be assessed. We compare the…

  5. ZEW Discussion Paper Nr. 21-055 // 2021

    The Future of the European Fiscal Union: Survey Results From Members of National Parliaments in France, Italy and Germany

    Using data from a unique survey of members of parliaments in France, Germany and Italy in 2018, we estimate the effects of three dimensions on EU and euro area fiscal reform preferences: nationality, political…

  6. ZEW Discussion Paper Nr. 21-053 // 2021

    Energy Conversion and Storage: The Value of Reversible Power-to-Gas Systems

    In the transition to decarbonized energy systems, Power-to-Gas (PtG) processes have the potential to connect the existing markets for electricity and hydrogen. Specifically, reversible PtG systems can convert…

  7. ZEW Discussion Paper Nr. 21-052 // 2021

    Corporate Carbon Reduction Pledges: An Effective Tool to Mitigate Climate Change?

    In the intensifying public debate about limiting the harmful effects of climate change, many global corporations have recently articulated so-called “net-zero” goals for reducing and ultimately eliminating their…

  8. ZEW Discussion Paper Nr. 21-051 // 2021

    Working From Home During COVID-19 and Beyond: Survey Evidence From Employers

    Based on survey responses from more than 1,700 managers in Germany, this study elicits employers’ perceptions of working from home during COVID-19 and their long-term expectations for the time after the…

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