1. Referierte Fachzeitschrift // 2023

    The cost of strategy-proofness in school choice

    We compare the outcomes of the most prominent strategy-proof and stable algorithm (Deferred Acceptance, DA) and the most prominent strategy-proof and Pareto optimal algorithm (Top Trading Cycles, TTC) to the…

  2. Referierte Fachzeitschrift // 2023

    The stability of personal traits and preferences in times of the Corona pandemic: Evidence from Germany

    Based on panel data on around 5500 German households, this
    article analyzes whether the experience of financial losses due
    to the Corona pandemic has affected three kinds of personal
    traits and preferences: the…

  3. Referierte Fachzeitschrift // 2023

    Preferred field of study and academic performance

    This paper investigates the impact of studying the first-choice university subject on dropout and switching field of study for a cohort of students in Germany. Using detailed survey data, and employing an instru…

  4. Referierte Fachzeitschrift // 2023

    Moving Forward with Tax Sustainability Reporting in the EU – A Quantitative Descriptive Analysis

    This article examines the status quo of tax disclosure in the context of sustainability reporting and proposes recommendations for the creation of uniform EU Sustainability Reporting Standards. The analysis is…

  5. Referierte Fachzeitschrift // 2023

    Energy Use Patterns in German Manufacturing from 2003 to 2017

    The manufacturing sector accounts for a substantial share of the German gross domestic product, employment and carbon emissions. Therefore, reducing its energy use and carbon emissions is of crucial importance…

  6. Referierte Fachzeitschrift // 2023

    Green SÖP Extended: The Socio-Ecological Panel Surveys 2020 and 2022

    The proliferation of instruments targeted at combatting climate change necessitates evidence-based evaluation to identify strategies that are not only effective and cost-efficient, but also supported by the…

  7. Referierte Fachzeitschrift // 2023

    Present focus and billing systems: Testing ‘pay-as-you-go’ vs. ‘pay-later’

    When customers purchase goods provided by public utilities, such as telecommunications, water, gas or electricity, the predominant payment system is pay-later billing. This paper tests the effectiveness of a…