ICTNET: ICT, Intangibles and Innovation


This workshop is the second in a series on the economic impact of information and communication technologies (ICT), organized by the ICTNET and funded by the European Commission. Further details of the first workshop held in Parma on 16-17 December 2010 can be found by clicking here (PDF, 132 KB).

The goal of this second workshop is to bring together leading researchers on the economics of information and communication technologies (ICT) in order to discuss recent scientific contributions and outstanding policy challenges. Particular emphasis will be placed on ICT, R&D and intangibles and ICT-enabled innovation. Theoretical, empirical, experimental and policy oriented contributions are welcome.

Topics of Interest

  • Developments in the definition and measurement of intangible assets and their association with ICT, at macro and micro levels
  • Knowledge links within and between firms, and relationship to innovation
  • Complementarity of ICT, R&D, skills, and intangible measures
  • Analysing innovation and ICT by firm-level data linking
  • ICT, knowledge flows and innovation networks
  • Knowledge, growth and the crisis

Call for Papers (PDF, 233 KB)
Workshop Agenda and Presented Papers (PDF, 115 KB)




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