Publikationen des Forschungsbereichs Umwelt- und Klimaökonomik

  1. ZEW Discussion Paper Nr. 02-38 // 2002

    Simulated Classical Tests in the Multiperiod Multinomial Probit Model

    This paper compares different versions of the simulated counterparts of the Wald test, the score test, and the likelihood ratio test in the multiperiod multinomial probit model. Monte Carlo experiments show…

  2. ZEW Discussion Paper Nr. 02-44 // 2002

    Flexibility Provisions in Multilateral Environmental Treaties

    In international politics, intergovernmental treaties provide the rules of the game. Similar to private law, treaty designers face a trade-off between flexibility to adjust to unforeseen …

  3. ZEW Discussion Paper Nr. 02-62 // 2002

    Assessing Voluntary Commitments: Monitoring is Not Enough!

    This paper deals with a special type of voluntary approach to protect the environment, for example, that we would like to term voluntary commitment. Its major characteristic is that it represents a unilateral…