The aim of this study is to analyse how research and innovation activities, funded by the Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies, Materials, New Production Technologies (NMP) and the Industrial Biotechnology (B) themes in the Seventh Framework Programme for Research (FP7) (together: FP7 NMBP), are embedded at a regional level, how the activities linked to local and regional networks and clusters, and to what extent and in what way these activities impacted at the regional level. This final report presents the summary of the main elements of the study: Mapping and Regression analysis, Network analysis, Case studies of seven regions and the Synthesis. This report closes with Conclusions and Policy recommendations for European as well as regional policy-makers

Anciaux, David, Eurico Neves, Frans van der Zee, Annelieke van der Giessen, Christian Rammer und Maikel Pellens (2016), Mapping the regional embeddedness of the NMP programme. Final report of the project , European Commission, Brussels. Download




Anciaux, David
Neves, Eurico
van der Zee, Frans
van der Giessen, Annelieke
Rammer, Christian
Pellens, Maikel


research and development, innovation, nanotechnology, biotechnology, new technology, regional economy, regional development, regional policy