2nd Conference of Banking Regulation – Integration and Financial Stability


The Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) invites submissions for its 2nd Conferenceon Banking Regulation, which will be held in Mannheim on October 29 and 30. The conferenceis intended to provide a forum of discussion on European policy relevant issues and bringtogether academics, economists from Central Banks and regulatory agencies and practitionersin the field of banking regulation.

Despite a common currency in some EU countries, banks continue to be supervised at thenational level. Financial integration in Europe appears to be least advanced by some measuresin retail banking. The consequences of these institutional arrangements for financial integrationand how they interact with competition and financial stability is the particular focus of thisconference.


The organising committee for the conference consists of Claudia Buch, University of Tübingenand Institute for Applied Economic Research), Reint Gropp (ECB, University of Frankfurt andZEW), Matthias Köhler (ZEW) and Michael Schröder (ZEW).




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