ZEW Discussion Paper Nr. 18-055 // 2018

Strategies under Strategic Uncertainty

I investigate the decision problem of a player in a game of incomplete information who faces uncertainty about the other players' strategies. I propose a new decision criterion which works in two steps. First, I assume common knowledge of rationality and eliminate all strategies which are not rationalizable. Second, I apply the maximin expected utility criterion. Using this decision criterion, one can derive predictions about outcomes and recommendations for players facing strategic uncertainty. A bidder following this decision criterion in a first-price auction expects all other bidders to bid their highest rationalizable bid given their valuation. As a consequence, the bidder never expects to win against an equal or higher type and resorts to win against lower types with certainty.

Mass, Helene (2018), Strategies under Strategic Uncertainty, ZEW Discussion Paper Nr. 18-055, Mannheim.

Autoren/-innen Helene Mass