Referierte Fachzeitschrift // 2017

Economic Impacts of Renewable Energy Promotion in Germany

Over the last decade Germany has boosted renewable energy in power production by means of massive subsidies. The flip side are very high electricity prices which raise concerns that the transition cost towards a renewable energy system will be mainly borne by poor households. In this paper, we combine computable general equilibrium and microsimulation analyses to investigate the economic impacts of Germany’s renewable energy promotion. We find that the regressive effects of renewable energy promotion could be attenuated by alternative subsidy financing mechanisms.

Tovar Reaños, Miguel Angel, Christoph Böhringer und Florian Landis (2017), Economic Impacts of Renewable Energy Promotion in Germany, The Energy Journal

Autoren/-innen Miguel Angel Tovar Reaños // Christoph Böhringer // Florian Landis