Our research, based on the ZEW-Foundation Panel East, examines whether high-tech start-ups are mainly founded in scientific and infrastructural well suited regions or not. Estimation results on the level of postcode areas confirm the hypothesis that specific human capital, knowledge spillovers at higher-education institutions are more important for founding a firm in one of the high-tech sectors compared with the effects of other publicly financed institutions. The existence of large companies in the manufacturing sector has a considerable effect for start-up activities in this region in general. Moreover, high-tech start-ups are more concentrated within or near technology and foundation centres.

Engel, Dirk und Andreas Fier (2001), Does R&D-Infrastructure Attract High-Tech Start-Ups?, in: M.M. Fischer und J. Fröhlich (eds.) Knowledge, Complexity and Innovation Systems, Advances in Spatial Science, Springer:, 1. Auflage, Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, New York, 402-419.


Start-Ups, High-technology industries, Eastern Germany