We empirically investigate the determinants of self-reporting under the European corporate leniency program. Applying a data set consisting of 442 firm groups that participated in 76 cartels decided by the European Commission between 2000 and 2011, we find that the probability of a firm becoming the chief witness increases with its character as repeat offender, the size of the expected basic fine, the number of countries active in one group as well as the size of the firm’s share in the cartelized market. Our results have important implications for an effective prosecution of anti-cartel law infringers.

Hoang, Cung Truong, Kai Hüschelrath, Ulrich Laitenberger und Florian Smuda (2014), Determinants of Self-Reporting Under the European Corporate Leniency Program, ZEW Discussion Paper No. 14-043, Mannheim. Download


Hoang, Cung Truong
Hüschelrath, Kai
Laitenberger, Ulrich
Smuda, Florian


European corporate leniency program; self-reporting; cartel law