The workshop focuses on current empirical research on the determinants of wage growth and mobility over the life cycle and across generations. This includesanalysis of life cycle career profiles, the effects of experience and tenure, job search, the time series trends in wages and wage differences, wage changes due to job changes, as well as intergenerational mobility.<HTML>

Scientific committee:

  • Christian Dustmann (University College London)
  • Bernd Fitzenberger (Goethe-University Frankfurt, ZEW)
  • Kornelius Kraft (University of Dortmund, ZEW)
  • Stephen Machin (University College London/London School of Economics)

Keynote speakers:

  • Thomas Lemieux (UBC), Thomas E. MaCurdy (Stanford), Gary Solon (Michigan)



Please send a title and a paper as electronic copy to<HTML> Birgit Herrmann</HTML>. Travel and accommodation for speakers of accepted papers (one speaker per paper) will be paid for. The conference issponsored through the research network „Flexibility in heterogeneous labourmarkets“ (Flexibilisierungspotenziale bei heterogenen Arbeitsmärkten) by theGerman Science Foundation.<HTML>Download Call for Papers</HTML>


24.03.2006 - 25.03.2006


ZEW, L 7,1 D-68161 Mannheim