This report on indicators of energy innovation system is produced in the context of the “EIS – Strategic research alliance for Energy Innovation Systems and their dynamics – Denmark in global competition” as collaboration between some of the researchers participating in the alliance. The activities in the EIS alliance are funded by the Danish Council for Strategic Research, the Programme Commission on Sustainable Energy and Environment, primarily, and by the involved research organisations. The purpose of this ‘radar report’ is to give an overview of the state of the art concerning indicators of energy innovation systems and their dynamics. As part of this, it is the aim to discuss current challenges and efforts made by researchers and other professionals working in the field. Through this, the radar report shall contribute to the discussion of how the field might develop in the future; both for the sake of understanding the dynamics of energy innovation systems in general and, more specifically, for the sake of understanding the role energy innovation systems play for moving towards more climate-friendly and sustainable energy systems.

Klitkou, Antje, Daniel S. Hain, Maj Munch Andersen, Jesper Lindgaard Christensen, Klaus Rennings und Mads Borup (2014), Indicators of energy innovation systems and their dynamics, EIS Radar Report Vol. 2, Danish Ministry of Research, Kopenhagen. Download




Klitkou, Antje
Hain, Daniel S.
Andersen, Maj Munch
Lindgaard Christensen, Jesper
Rennings, Klaus
Borup, Mads


Energy Innovation Systems, Environmental Innovation, Energy Efficiency