Prof. Dr. Nicole Gürtzgen

Prof. Dr. Nicole Gürtzgen

Labour Markets and Social Insurance

Nicole Gürtzgen has been head of the research unit "Labour Market Processes and Institutions" at the Institute for Employment Research (IAB) since October 2015. She also holds a professorship in economics with a focus on labour market research at the University of Regensburg. Prior to her appointment at IAB and the University of Regensburg, she held a position as a Senior Researcher in ZEW’s Research Unit "Labour Markets and Social Insurance".

From 1990 to 1996, she studied mathematics and economics at the Universities of Duisburg and Heidelberg. After graduating from the University of Heidelberg with a diploma in economics, she completed her doctoral dissertation at the University of Rostock in April 2002. In 2008, she finished her postdoctoral thesis (Habilitation) at the University of Mannheim.

Nicole Gürtzgen has been Research Associate at ZEW since January 2016. Her current research interests lie in empirical labor economics and applied microeconometrics, with a particular focus on the impact of labour market institutions on wage and employment dynamics. Nicole Gürtzgen has been co-editor of the Journal of Labour Market Research since April 2014.

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Prof. Dr. Nicole Gürtzgen

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