Mission Statement

The Research Department “Digital Economy” is renowned for its expertise in measuring digitalisation and analysing its economic impact. It develops design options for the optimal exploitation of the potential of digitalisation. The Research Department examines the effects of digitalisation on production, innovation and the world of work, investigates how digital markets and platforms function and what significance underlying digital infrastructures have. Methodologically, the Research Department follows an empirical-quantitative approach. Data from in-house company surveys, Internet platforms and macroeconomic databases are evaluated using statistical and econometric methods.


  1. 09.06.2022 · Scientific Events Research Seminars: ZEW Research Seminar

    Speaker: Mats Köster (Central European University, Vienna, Austria)

  2. 27.06.2022 · Scientific Events Research Seminars: QUEST

    Speaker: Adhurim Haxhimusa (University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons, Chur, Switzerland)

  3. 07. - 08.07.2022 · Scientific Events Conference

    Keynote Speakers: Fiona M. Scott Morton (Yale School of Management, New Haven, USA), Alessandro Acquisti (Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA)