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According to the German Science Council, the ZEW's success as a competent discussion partner in the scientific community and as a sought-after supplier of economic policy consulting services is due to the sound scientific competence upon which its high-quality work is based and the excellent qualifications of its around 210 staff of whom two thirds are engaged in research work. In order to maintain and extend this competitive advantage, the ZEW gives excellent young academics the opportunity to do scientifically demanding and applied research work. This work in conjunction with the offer ofsound professional training provides a good basis for a career in the academic and business world as well as in ministries and organisations. The ZEW is connected with various universities through the ZEW Doctoral Studies Network. Ph.D. students of the doctoral programmes of these universities have the possibility to work at the ZEW.

  • Vocational Training at ZEW

    Since 1998 ZEW has been training young people in different professions in the areas of administration and service. Personal advisors guide apprentices during their vocational training period.

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  • Qualifying

    All research staff has access to ZEW's internal professional development programme. There are courses in econometrics, computing, foreign languages and communication, as well as leadership skills.

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Equality in the Workplace

For ZEW, ensuring equality in the workplace is of immense importance. This is reflected, for example, in ZEW's policy of offering employees maximum flexibility in terms of how they organise their working time. In practice, there are numerous, individual agreements which set various work volumes and working times. These agreements meet the specific needs of our employees and provide optimal support to those wishing to combine working and family life. ZEW's success in this area is proven, amongst other things, by its receipt of the Total E-Quality title, which the institute was awarded in 2015 and 2018.

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