Publications of the Research Unit Market Design

  1. Refereed Journal // forthcoming

    Information Acquisition and Diffusion in Markets

    Consumers acquire information through their own search efforts or through word-of-mouth
    communication within their social network. Information diffusion leads to free-riding and
    less active search. Free-riding…

  2. Refereed Journal // forthcoming

    Worst-Case Equilibria in First-Price Auctions

    The usual analysis of bidding in first-price auctions assumes that bidders know the distribution of valuations. We analyze first-price auctions in which bidders do not know the precise distribution of…

  3. ZEW Discussion Paper No. 23-029 // 2023

    Full Surplus Extraction from Colluding Bidders

    I consider a repeated auction setting with colluding buyers and a seller who adjusts reserve prices over time without long-term commitment. To model the seller’s concern for collusion, I introduce a new…

  4. Non-Refereed Journal // 2023

    Effiziente und faire Verteilung von Lebensmittelspenden

    Die Ziele für nachhaltige Entwicklung der Vereinten Nationen sehen eine Halbierung der Lebensmittelverschwendung bis 2030 vor. Ein Ziel, zu dem die Tafeln für Deutschland auch durch eine optimierte Verteilung…

  5. ZEW policy brief No. 23-04 // 2023

    Tapping into People’s Impatience for Better Environmental Subsidies

    This policy brief is concerned with the efficient allocation of subsidies for eco-friendly products. Examples include subsidies for cargo or e-bikes, electric cars, and energy efficient building retrofits.…