ZEW Research Data Centre

The Research Area Comprises

  • Mannheim Innovation Panel (MIP)
  • Mannheim Enterprise Panel (MEP)
  • Mannheim Start-up Panel
  • Other Firm-Level Data at ZEW-FDZ

The ZEW Research Data Centre (ZEW-FDZ) provides external researchers with access to ZEW research data. The majority of the research data supplied by the ZEW-FDZ is micro-level data sourced from ZEW firm surveys. In addition, researchers can make use of data from ZEW expert and personal surveys. External researchers engaged in scientific research projects may apply for on-site data utilisation rights. In addition, the ZEW-FDZ provides external researchers with selected ZEW research data in the form of anonymised “scientific use files” that may be viewed and used off-site. Some datasets maintained as part of the Mannheim Innovation Panel (MIP) are also accessible in the form of “education use files”. These may be used for educational purposes in universities.