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  1. 23.06.2021 · Scientific Events Research Seminars: Mannheim Applied Seminar

    Speaker: Benjamin Schoefer (University of California, Berkeley, USA)

  2. 24.06.2021 · Scientific Events Research Seminars: ZEW Research Seminar

    Speaker: Mathilde Muñoz (Paris School of Economics (PSE), France)

  3. 29.06.2021 · Scientific Events Workshop

    Keynote Speakers: Richard O’Neill (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission & Advanced Research Projects Agency, Washington, D.C., USA), Benjamin F. Hobbs (Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA), José Pablo Chaves Ávila (Comillas Pontifical University, Madrid, Spain), Natalia Fabra (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M), Spain), Frank Wolak (Stanford University, USA)

  4. 01.07.2021 · Scientific Events Research Seminars: ZEW Research Seminar

    Speaker: Audinga Baltrunaite (Economics and Law Division, Bank of Italy, Rome, Italy)

  5. 05.07.2021 · Scientific Events Research Seminars: Virtual Market Design Seminar

    Speaker: Yan Chen (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA)

Executive Directors Professor Achim Wambach and Thomas Kohl

Executive Directors

Achim Wambach, President
Thomas Kohl, Managing Director

ZEW’s main goals are to

  • conduct politically relevant research and
  • provide science-based policy advice.
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