Integration of Migrants and Attitudes towards the Welfare State (IMES)

Focus of the Junior Research Group

  • Influence of Social Policy and Immigration on Integration
  • Impact of Immigration on the Labour Market
  • Interaction of Perceived and Actual Integration with Social Policy

The Junior Research Group “Integration of Migrants and Attitudes towards the Welfare State (IMES)” is funded by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS). It investigates empirically the economic and societal consequences of immigration to Germany in the short, medium and long run. On the one hand, IMES studies predictors for a successful labour market integration of migrants, particularly refugees. On the other hand, IMES studies the impact of immigration on the labour market as well as societal attitudes in the destination country, with a focus on former migrants.

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Katrin Sommerfeld

Dr. Katrin Sommerfeld

Head of Junior Research Group Email Phone +49 (0)621 1235-216
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