Publications of the Research Unit Pensions and Sustainable Financial Markets

  1. German Real Estate Finance Index (DIFI... // 2022

    Second Quarter 2022

    • Assessments of current situation and outlook for financing deteriorate significantly
    • Pessimism affects all use types
    • Significant deterioration in sentiment in the refinancing markets
    • Further deterioration…
  2. German Real Estate Finance Index (DIFI... // 2022

    First Quarter 2022

    • Slight Falls in the Situation and Expectations Indicators
    • Considerable Dynamism Across the Individual Use Types
    • Situation and Outlook in the Refinancing Markets Mixed
    • The Role ESG Criteria Are Playing in…
  3. ZEW Discussion Paper // 2022

    Towards Accountability in Machine Learning Applications: A System-Testing Approach

    A rapidly expanding universe of technology-focused startups is trying to change and improve the way real estate markets operate. The undisputed predictive power of machine learning (ML) models often plays a…

  4. Non-Refereed Journal // 2021

    Die Rolle der betrieblichen Altersvorsorge für die Einkünfte im Alter – aktuelle Evidenz und Datengrundlagen

    Despite the socio-political importance of occupational pensions since the pension reforms of the 1990s and 2000s, the incomplete evidence base, lack of transparency and lack of data have been regularly…

  5. Refereed Journal // 2021

    Targets missed: Three case studies exploiting the linked SHARE-RV data

    Targeting is an important aim for social policy. Three case studies in this paper reflect typical short-comings in the targeting design of pension reforms. The first case study …