Diversity and Equal Opportunities at ZEW

For us, diversity means the inclusion of all people regardless of their diverse characteristics and is at the same time a necessary and desired prerequisite for a successful research institute.

ZEW supports and integrates employees of various ages, nationalities, beliefs, genders and sexual identities.

In 2021, ZEW has been awarded the TOTAL E-QUALITY title for the third time and is thus considered an employer who is particularly committed to ensuring equal opportunities for men and women in the workplace. The title acknowledges ZEW as an institute that sets a good example in the reconciliation of work and family life. With the additional label ‘Diversity’, ZEW also proves that it takes diversity seriously and successfully rejects discrimination of any kind, as well as ensuring equal opportunities in everyday life. Every year the award, presented in Stuttgart by the association TOTAL E-QUALITY Germany, honours economic, scientific and administrative organisations and associations that make a sustainable contribution to ensuring equal opportunities.

Managing Director of ZEW

Thomas Kohl

The TOTAL E-QUALITY title proves that equal opportunities have already been a reality at our institute for many years. At ZEW we attach great importance to ensuring that women have access to the same excellent career opportunities as men, and also to helping men and women strike a better balance between their future career and family life.

Equal Opportunities at ZEW

In addition to observing the legal regulations governing gender equality and the reconciliation of family and career, ZEW draws up an equal opportunities plan every four years.

In the equality plan, specific goals are formulated and the current employment situation on the reporting date is presented and evaluated. The results are used to develop overarching equality goals aimed at achieving a balanced ratio of women and men in management and decision-making positions, from which in turn individual concrete measures are derived. These measures can be divided in particular into the following overarching topics: equal opportunities in staff recruitment, staff development that promotes equality, family-friendly framework conditions, the prevention of any form of discrimination, as well as the rights and remit of the equal opportunities officers.

ZEW ensures that, in case that women are underrepresented, targeted measures are taken to eliminate the underrepresentation. The equal opportunities plan is published on the ZEW intranet.

The equal opportunities officer contributes to creating the equal opportunities plan.

Declaration on equal opportunities signed by the executive directors


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