Dr. Ulrich Zierahn-Weilage

Dr. Ulrich Zierahn-Weilage

Labour Markets and Social Insurance

Dr. Ulrich Zierahn-Weilage is a Senior Researcher at ZEW’s Research Unit “Labour Markets and Social Insurance” in the Research Area “Digitalisation and Structural Change (Leibniz-Program for Female Professors)” and Assistant Professor of Economics and Data Analytics at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. His research focuses on the consequences of digitalization and globalization for the dynamics of individual labour market careers and for the economic performance of regional labour markets. Moreover, he investigates the effects of agglomeration of economic activities on regional labour market disparities.

Ulrich Zierahn-Weilage studied economics at the University of Kassel. After his graduation in 2010, he worked as a research assistant in a co-operation between the University of Kassel and the Hamburg Institute of International Economics (HWWI). In November 2012, he completed his doctorate with his thesis on “Regional Labor Market Disparities – A New Economic Geography Perspective” at the University of Kassel . He joined ZEW in October 2012 and Utrecht University in November 2019.

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Ulrich Zierahn-Weilage

Dr. Ulrich Zierahn-Weilage

Senior Researcher Email Ulrich.Zierahn@zew.de Phone +49 (0)621 1235-280
Unit: Labour Markets and Social Insurance

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