ZEW Economic Studies


This series addresses an international audience. The volumes tackle current economic topics that are relevant for researchers, experts and executives in firms and international organisations, as well as for decision-makers in the areas of politics and administration. ZEW Economic Studies are published in English.

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  • You can download all volumes older than 12 months directly from this website.

Please note: The publication series "ZEW Economic Studies" was released in 2014 for the last time.

  1. ZEW Economic Studies // 2014

    Public and Private Enforcement of Competition Law in Europe

    ​Over the past fifteen years, the optimal enforcement of EU competition law has become a major concern. This book contains a unique collection of articles by lawyers and economists on current issues in the…

  2. ZEW Economic Studies // 2014

    Macro Attractiveness and Micro Decisions in the Mutual Fund Industry - An Empirical Analysis

    This volume addresses the attractiveness of financial centers with a primary focus on the mutual fund industry. It uses different empirical analysis approaches in an attempt to disentangle the reasons for…

  3. ZEW Economic Studies // 2012

    Germany's 2005 Welfare Reform - Evaluating Key Characteristics with a Focus on Immigrants

    In January 2005, the German government enacted a substantial reform of the welfare system, the so-called Hartz IV reform. This book evaluates key characteristics of the reform from a microeconometric…

  4. ZEW Economic Studies // 2012

    Business Cycle Synchronisation and Economic Integration

    This book offers the reader a state-of-the-art overview on theory and empirics of business cycle synchronisation, structural reform and economic integration. Focusing on the ongoing integration process in the…

  5. ZEW Economic Studies // 2012

    Sustainable Energy Consumption in Residential Buildings

    As the residential buildings sector accounts for around 30 percent of the final energy demand in Germany, this sector is increasingly becoming the focus of public attention with regard to climate change. In this…

  6. ZEW Economic Studies // 2011

    Common Corporate Tax Base in the EU - Impact on the Size of Tax Bases and Effective Tax Burdens

    The European Commission envisages putting forward a proposal for a tax reform that would allow improving the efficiency and simplicity of the corporate income tax systems. This report assesses the impact of a…

  7. ZEW Economic Studies // 2009

    Projecting Potential Output

    In spite of the widespread use of the concept of potential output in economic theory and empirical applications as well as in economic policy debates, the historical background and the assumptions inherent to…

  8. ZEW Economic Studies // 2009

    Competition Policy Analysis – An Integrated Approach

    The book develops an integrated approach of competition policy analysis. Based on the assumption that the deterrence of anticompetitive behaviour is the fundamental aim of competition policy rules and their…

  9. ZEW Economic Studies // 2008

    Reform Options for the EU Own Resource System

    This study develops a reform proposal for the future revenue system of the EU budget. The findings strongly reject the idea that a reform based on an EU tax-based own resource would remedy current problems. …


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