1. ZEW expert brief No. 23-01 // 2023

    Fünf Sterne für ein Halleluja

  2. ZEW expert brief No. 22-08 // 2022

    The Other Government: State-Owned Enterprises in Germany and Their Implications for the Core Public Sector

    This paper aims to raise the awareness and knowledge about state-owned enterprises (SOEs) in Germany – a sizable but often ignored part of the overall public sector which the authors of this ZEW expert brief,…

  3. ZEW expert brief No. 22-07 // 2022

    Inflation of Objectives Instead of Focus on Inflation?

    In this analysis, we investigate ECB communication by analyzing more than 3,800 speeches from 1999 until 2022. The study measures the attention which ECB Council members pay to various implicit and explicit…

  4. ZEW expert brief No. 22-06 // 2022

    Working From Home After COVID-19: Firms Expect a Persistent and Intensive Shift

    This study exploits fine-grained survey data to elicit firms’ long-term expectations about the use of working from home (WFH) arrangements after the COVID-19 pandemic. From December 2021 until January 2022, the…

  5. ZEW expert brief No. 22-05 // 2022

    Magnitudes and Capital Key Divergence of the Eurosystem’s PSPP/PEPP Purchases – Update June 2022

    The ECB is about to discontinue its net asset purchases. In December 2021, the ECB Council had already decided to end net purchases under the Pandemic Emergency Purchase Programme (PEPP) by the end of March…

  6. ZEW expert brief No. 22-04 // 2022

    Representing the Future in Aging Societies: Policy Implications of the Voting Age Reform in Germany

    Aging societies face a fundamental challenge: How to represent future oriented policies in the politics of today? Voting age reforms and, more generally, policies that encourage the participation of the youth in…