ZEW policy briefs


ZEW policy briefs are four-page documents, containing brief and lucid information on ZEW research results of practical significance for business, policy, and administration. At the moment, several ZEW policy briefs are being edited.

  1. ZEW policy brief No. 23-05 // 2023

    Tailoring Migration Policies to Address Labour Shortages

    Labour markets in the European Union are increasingly facing labour shortages. This ZEW Policy Brief argues that immigration from third countries should be increased to alleviate bottlenecks in the supply of…

  2. ZEW policy brief No. 23-02 // 2023

    Human Oversight Done Right: The AI Act Should Use Humans to Monitor AI Only When Effective

    The EU’s proposed Artificial Intelligence Act (AI Act) is meant to ensure safe AI systems in high-risk applications. The Act relies on human supervision of machine-learning algorithms, yet mounting evidence…

  3. ZEW policy brief No. 22-07 // 2022

    Significant Costs, Limited Benefits: A Global Minimum Tax in Germany

    In order to curb tax-motivated profit shifting and limit international tax competition, 137 signatory countries to the Inclusive Framework on Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) agreed in 2021 to introduce a…

  4. ZEW policy brief No. 22-06 // 2022

    Price Subsidies May Impair Competition in Retail Market for Natural Gas

    Policymakers have been discussing various potential measures to cushion the impact of skyrocketing gas prices and prevent supply shortages. On 10 October 2022 an expert commission in Germany proposed a plan to…

  5. ZEW policy brief No. 22-05 // 2022

    Was tun, wenn der Markt kollabiert?

    Die Situation ist ernst. Etliche Gaskunden werden im Winter ihre Heizung herunterdrehen oder ihre Produktion herunterfahren müssen. Je kälter der Winter, desto größer das Problem. Ökonomen sind sich weitgehend…