Prof. Ulrich Laitenberger, PhD

Prof. Ulrich Laitenberger, PhD

Digital Economy

Professor Ulrich Laitenberger is Associate Professor of Information Management at the Department of Management at the Tilburg School of Economics and Management (TiSEM). He received his PhD in November 2015 in the PhD programme in applied economics at KU Leuven, and was a research fellow at ZEW’s “Digital Economy” Unit and at the University of Mannheim. Before working in Tilburg, he was a professor of platform and data economics at Telecom Paris University, Institut Polytechnique.

Ulrich Laitenberger conducts research at the interface between economics and information systems. He is interested in the functioning of and competition in digital markets and platforms. Examples of topics he has studied include potential biases in recommender systems, online labour platforms, and the design and effects of reputation mechanisms. He also conducts research on competition policy issues, such as the impact of minority shareholdings in rivals on competition, and the factors that influence the stability and collapse of cartels.

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