Press Office

The Working Area Comprises

  • Press releases/statements
  • Maintaining media contacts in Germany and abroad
  • Provision of experts
  • Analysis of media response

In order to ensure the success of ZEW’s knowledge transfer, it is essential to carry out targeted media work. Therefore, the team “Press Relations and Editing” maintains regular contact with a large number of editors. The team publishes press releases and statements to inform the national and international media about ZEW’s most recent findings and insights gained through the institute’s economic policy advising activities. The ZEW Indicator of Economic Sentiment, which is published on a monthly basis, also receives great attention in the media.

The press office organises press interviews with ZEW experts and offers contributions by ZEW researchers regarding current economic issues to the media. The department presents evidence-based findings regarding ZEW’s core topics that make a constructive contribution to, or even initiate, current economic policy and public debates.

Press Photos

These pictures of the members of the board of directors, the heads of the research departments, and the ZEW-building are provided for your editorial use. You are also able to download the offical ZEW logo from this page. Please send us a voucher copy when using one of these pictures. The pictures are in the JPEG-format and have a maximum size of 8 MB each. In order to download, please click on the desired picture.

List of Experts

You’re an editor or (freelance) journalist and are looking for in-house experts for guest contributions, interviews or concise quotes from conversations over the phone or from personal contact. Please take a look at our list of experts.

Press Mailing List

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ZEW Indicator of Economic Sentiment

Based on the ZEW Financial Market Test, up to 300 experts from banks, insurance companies and financial departments of selected corporations have been interviewed about their assessments and forecasts for important international financial market data every month since 1991. Participants are asked about their six-months expectations concerning the economy, inflation rates, interest rates, stock markets and exchange rates in the Eurozone, Germany, Japan, United States, United Kingdom, France and Italy as well as their expectations concerning the oil price. One indicator is created and published from the results of the ZEW Financial Market Survey: The ZEW Indicator of Economic Sentiment is a leading indicator for the German economy similar to the ifo Index.