School Students from Ludwigshafen Find Out More About ZEW

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How Does the Economy Work?

Schüler/innen des BBS Wirtschaftsgymnasiums in Ludwigshafen besuchten das ZEW.

Ten prospective high school graduates of the BBS Wirtschaftsgymnasium in Ludwigshafen visited ZEW with their teacher Ute Pentke on 14 July 2022. In addition to an overview of the organisation and goals of an economic research institute, the students also gained specific insights into the day-to-day work at ZEW.

How do economists conduct research? What distinguishes ZEW from other economic research institutes? Why do we need economic research? Dr. Daniela Heimberger, head of “International Co-operation and Public Relations”, presented ZEW’s research profile and focus areas and explained to the visitors how research results are disseminated to the public. The guests from Rhineland-Palatinate were particularly interested in ZEW’s cooperation with schools as part of the nationwide school competition YES! in which regularly ZEW participates.

A happy coincidence: The 2022 South-West regional final of YES! with seven student teams took place at the same time at ZEW.


Daniela Heimberger
Head International Co-operation and Public Relations
Dr. Daniela Heimberger
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