Dr. Daniela Heimberger

Dr. Daniela Heimberger

International Co-operation and Public Relations

Daniela Heimberger is head of the Service Unit “International Co-operation and Public Relations” at ZEW. Before joining ZEW, she worked at the European Commission in Brussels in the Directorate-General for Research and Innovation, where she assisted in coordinating legislative processes between the Commission, the Council of Ministers, and the European Parliament. Furthermore, she was involved in the Impact Assessment report for the 7th Framework Programme for Research.

Daniela Heimberger studied Political Science, History and French in Heidelberg, Lyon and Freiburg. She completed her PhD in Political Science with distinction (“summa cum laude”) on the French political system and electoral studies in 2001. During her studies, she worked as a research assistant to Professor Jäger at the University of Freiburg. In addition, she has worked as a lecturer on European integration for the University of Freiburg exchange programme with American universities.

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Daniela Heimberger

Dr. Daniela Heimberger

Head Email Daniela.Heimberger@zew.de Phone +49 (0)621 1235-109
Unit: International Co-operation and Public Relations, Communications

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