The EU is not just the number one market for German companies – it is also a space of unrestricted mobility for its people, no matter whether they are employees, students, tourists or senior citizens.

Current ZEW research findings on our new theme page European Integration
ZEW Research Findings on European Integration on our new Theme Page

For a long time, the vast majority of people in the EU did not question that the European integration process should be driven forward. Even though this view still prevails, the various crises of the past years – the financial and debt crisis, the refugee crisis, Brexit, the climate crisis – have raised many questions. One of the questions many peopleare asking is whether the current European rulebook truly fits the bill of managing the abundance of new challenges.

The fact remains that many of these challenges cannot be solved by national policy approaches alone, but instead require European approaches. This is where our research at ZEW comes into play. On our new theme page on “European integration”, you will find information about our economic research results on Europe and the European integration process. The page summarises our central research findings and gives an overview of our key research areas:

  • European fiscal institutions
  • MannheimTaxation: Europe’s tax system of the future
  • Growth, productivity and innovation in Europe

In addition, the theme page offers insights into current issues, publications and events in the area of European integration.






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