Dr. Max Löffler

Dr. Max Löffler

Inequality and Public Policy

Dr. Max Löffler is junior research associate at ZEW. He works in close cooperation with the research group "Inequality and Public Policy".

Max Löffler is an assistant professor at the Department of Microeconomics and Public Economics at Maastricht University. His current research is at the intersection of public, urban, and labour economics with a particular focus on the effects of taxes and the study of inequality.

He received his PhD in economics from the University of Cologne in July 2018. Before joining Maastricht University, he worked as a teaching assistant at the Center for Macroeconomic Research (CMR), as an economist at the ifo Center for Macroeconomics and Surveys, and as a junior researcher at ZEW.

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Dr. Max Löffler

Junior Research Associate
Unit: Inequality and Public Policy

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