Mannheim Innovation Panel - the Annual German Innovation Survey


ZEW has been conducting a representative firm survey on innovation activity within the German Economy every year since 1993. The Innovation Survey is commissioned by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF).

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It is conducted in cooperation with the infas (Institute for Applied Social Sciences) and the Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research. The Innovation Survey is the German contribution to the European Commission’s Community Innovation Surveys (CIS) coordinated by the Statistical Office of the EU (Eurostat)

The Innovation Survey yields important information on the introduction of new products, services and processes within firms, as well as expenditure on innovation and the degree of success achieved by firms through new products and services and improved processes. Furthermore, the survey gives an insight into the factors which help firms to invest in their futures, or hinder them from doing so.

The Innovation Survey is conducted annually and designed as panel survey ("Mannheim Innovation Panel" - MIP).

Annual Indicator Reports and Innovation Reports for individual sectors are available from this site.

Result tables based on CIS standards (in terms of sector and size class coverage and variable breakdowns) are available here.

Methodological reports including descriptive results are published for each survey wave and can be accessed here:

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Über die ZEW-Innovationserhebung

  • Seit 1993 erhebt das ZEW jährlich Daten zum Innovationsverhalten der deutschen Wirtschaft
  • Die Innovationserhebung wird im Auftrag des Bundesministeriums für Bildung und  Forschung (BMBF) durchgeführt
  • Kooperationspartner sind das Institut für angewandte Sozialwissenschaft (infas) sowie das Fraunhofer-Institut für System- und Innovationsforschung (ISI)
  • Die Ergebnisse der Innovationserhebung werden aktuell für 47 Branchengruppen dargestellt

Mehr Infos zur Innovationserhebung 2022 in unserer Pressemitteilung

Authors Christian Rammer // Thorsten Doherr // Bastian Krieger // Hannes Marks // Hiltrud Niggemann // Bettina Peters // Torben Schubert // Markus Trunschke // Julian von der Burg // Svenja Eibelshäuser