This article shows the extent to which companies’ investments in digital technologies have increased during the COVID-19 pandemic. Based on a large German company survey conducted by the Institute for Employment Research, the authors examine whether and which companies have invested in different types of digital technologies, how these investments are connected to working from home, and how investments are influenced by the economic situation of companies during the pandemic. The authors also discuss further training activities provided and planned by employers and how those are related to their investments in digital technologies.

Bellmann, Lutz, Pauline Bourgeon, Christina Gathmann, Christian Kagerl, David Marguerit, Ludivine Martin, Laura Pohlan and Duncan Roth (2021), Digitalisierungsschub in Firmen während der Corona-Pandemie, Wirtschaftsdienst 101, 713-718. Download


Bellmann, Lutz
Bourgeon, Pauline
Gathmann, Christina
Kagerl, Christian
Marguerit, David
Martin, Ludivine
Pohlan, Laura
Roth, Duncan