Completing Your PhD at a ZEW Research Unit and the University of Mannheim

The University of Mannheim’s Centre for Doctoral Studies in Economics (CDSE) and Centre for Doctoral Studies in Business (CDSB) each run a PhD track in cooperation with ZEW. Both PhD programmes are in line with the standards of ZEW’s structured PhD programme.

In the first year, PhD students primarily focus on completing their compulsory courses at CDSE or CDSB. Admitted students are financed by a scholarship. Furthermore, they attend research seminars at ZEW and are involved in the work of the ZEW research unit which they would like to join after completing their compulsory courses. From the second year onwards, students become fully integrated into ZEW as researchers. In addition to conducting their own research for their thesis, they have the opportunity to gain expertise in working on economic policy projects. At the same time, they complete elective courses of the ZEW summer course programme and the University of Mannheim.

How to apply

PhD track in cooperation with the CDSE (economics)

To join the programme, candidates need to be accepted by the CDSE in addition to their successful application at ZEW. You can apply at ZEW either before or during the first year of the programme. The earliest possible time to take up a position at ZEW is at the start of the second CDSE year, still a later start can be chosen.

Contact CDSE

PhD track in cooperation with the CDSB (business)

Students who opt for this track have the option of enrolling either in the CDSB’s Taxation programme with which ZEW is linked via the ScienceCampus MannheimTaxation, or in the CDSB’s Finance programme. At the beginning of the second year, PhD students in the CDSB programme take up a research position, usually in the ZEW Research Department “Corporate Taxation and Public Finance” or “Pensions and Sustainable Financial Markets”. To enter the PhD programme, students are required to apply to the CDSB.

Contact CDSB: Finance

Alternative: Obtaining your doctoral degree from another university