The cultural and creative industries have a long tradition in Baden-Württemberg and are an important pillar of the economy. To support it, the state government has agreed in its coalition agreement of 2016 to establish suitable framework conditions for artists and cultural workers. In order to be able to measure progress and react to new challenges, an in-depth and updated analysis of the state of the cultural and creative industries in Baden-Württemberg is necessary. This analysis was carried out by the ZEW ¬ Leibniz Centre for European Economic Research on behalf of the Ministry of Economics, Labour and Housing in Baden-Württemberg in 2018.
Important drivers for the growth of a sector are on the one hand the number of start-ups and on the other hand the innovation activity of the companies in the sector. In addition to the project on the economic key aspects of the cultural and creative industries in Baden-Württemberg, the ZEW therefore offers an analysis of the start-up and innovation activity in the cultural and creative industries in Baden-Württemberg. Both aspects are already regularly examined by the ZEW for the all-German cultural and creative industries in the nationwide monitoring of cultural and creative industries.
An analysis of these two aspects is therefore essential in order to be able to make statements on future economic development. In this project, the data of the Mannheim Enterprise Panel (MUP) and the Mannheim Innovation Panel (MIP), which are exclusively available at the ZEW, will be used to analyse the start-up and innovation activities in the cultural and creative industries of Baden-Württemberg.