Technology markets are markets where codified technological knowledge is traded. This knowledge is typically protected by intellectual property rights such as patents, utility models or designs. These IPRs can be traded either in the form of a transfer of ownership (purchase/sale) or temporary use (in-licensing/licensing). Although functioning technology markets are central to the commercialization of new inventions, technology market transactions remain difficult due to high search costs, information asymmetries between suppliers and consumers regarding the economic value of technological knowledge, and the risk of information leakage. The aim of this project is to describe in detail the activities of firms in Germany in technology markets, to analyze their functioning and to identify barriers to technology trade. To this end, it adopts a threefold analytical approach. First, it evaluates the legal status data of the German and European Patent Offices on changes in the owners of intellectual property rights (patents and utility models). Second, it uses the Mannheim Innovation Panel (MIP) to investigate the role of technology markets for firms' innovation activity and success. Third, expert interviews are conducted to discuss the empirical results with various actors and to derive policy recommendations.