The German government's climate protection concept 2030 includes the goal of an European, comprehensive certificate trading system for greenhouse gas emissions for all sectors. In addition, the European Commission's "European Green Deal" includes reforms that are intended "to ensure effective CO2 pricing throughout the economy".

In the context of the ARIADNE project's focus analysis "European Integration of the German Energy Regime", ZEW will contribute to the analysis of the EU ETS extension and the distributional effects of CO2 pricing. The aim is to inform the political processes to review or reform the two above mentioned measures. In a first phase, qualitatively different reform options will be identified and evaluated.  Furthermore, the necessary complementary measures and essential interactions with other instruments will be discussed. In a second phase, selected design options are then quantitatively evaluated.  Here, the focus will be on questions of sector coupling (EU ETS with transport and heat) and the analysis of the distributional effects of CO2 pricing options within Germany and between individual EU countries.

Project duration

01.06.2020 - 31.05.2023

Project members

Dr. Jan Abrell (Coordinator)