Main Results of the Survey:

  • Economic Downturn Impedes Emission Assessment but Spurs Trading Activities of German Firms.
  • Only a Small Minority of Companies Seems To Be Trading on a More Regular Basis.
  • Firms Were Actively Selling Surplus EUAs thus Using Them as an Instrument in Their General Liquidity Management.
  • The Energy Sector Turns Out To Be the Most Active in Spot and Forward Markets for Emission Allowances.
  • Market Development Still Hampered by Inherent Risks and Uncertain Economic Outlook.
  • The Strong Presence of German Companies in CO2 Markets Indicates that Firms Are Adapting to the new Regulatory Framework Under the EU ETS.
  • Price Signals Still Seem To Be too Weak to Have a Significant Impact on Investment Strategies.
  • Market signals will Strengthen – Prices Expected to Increase Moderately in the Short Term but Show Significant Upward Trend Over the Mid- and Long Term Horizon.