Latest Press Releases

  1. Research // 24.10.2002

    Service Providers in the Information Industry Assert Themselves through Innovation

    In order that they are able to hold their ground in an increasingly competitive field, service providers in the information society are increasingly investing in innovation. Process innovations, which involve…
  2. Research // 23.10.2002

    German IT-Related Service Providers Suffer from Economic Downturn

    In the third quarter of 2002 the turnover growth in the sector of IT-related service providers has decelerated again. It is currently standing at a yearly rate of 1.4 percent.
  3. Research // 15.10.2002

    ZEW Indicator of Economic Sentiment: Sentiment Deteriorates Further

    The ZEW Indicator of Economic Sentiment for Germany declines significantly in October. It is now standing at 23.4 points which corresponds to a decrease of 16.1 points compared with the previous month.
  4. Research // 25.09.2002

    What Needs Doing for more Employment

    The elections are over and the green-red coalition may remain in power. However, the same problems persist, particularly an unstable job market. What needs doing and by whom?
  5. Research // 17.09.2002

    ZEW Indicator of Economic Sentiment: Risks for the Economic Recovery

    In September the ZEW Indicator of Economic Sentiment for Germany is declining for the third consecutive month. It is now standing at 39.5 points which corresponds to a decrease of 3.9 points compared with the…
  6. Research // 22.08.2002

    Flood Damage: Postponement of Tax Relief was Premature

    Economic expectations for 2003 are significantly worsened by the expected tax cuts being postponed due to the flooding catastrophe. From a political point of view, it is understandable that in the middle of an…
  7. Research // 20.08.2002

    Dresden - Kyoto - Johannesburg: Climate Protection in Distress

    The recent floods cause many citizens to fear the consequences of global climate change. Environment and climate protection could therefore become an important election issue.
  8. Research // 16.08.2002

    Final Report of the Hartz Commission: More Bad Than Good

    Proposals made by the German Hartz Commission (German unemployment benefit agency) cannot all be tarred with the same brush. Each module for innovation deserves separate consideration. Some modules seem to…