ZEW Annual Report


Our Annual Report provides a comprehensive overview of ZEW’s research activities, our policy advising projects, the publications of our institute, and conferences and workshops at ZEW. The ZEW Annual Report also contains information on ZEW’s budget, the development of third-party funding, and important events in the past year.

The ZEW Annual Report 2021 is all about climate change and the energy transition: The flood disaster in the summer of 2021 caused devastating damage in several river basins in Central Europe, once again putting the focus on the urgency of curbing global warming. We at ZEW are dealing intensively with this topic. With the help of economic methods, we analyse the emergence of environmental problems, evaluate climate and energy policy instruments to solve these problems and make economic policy recommendations. Detailed descriptions of our results and policy recommendations can be found in our focus report on climate change and the energy transition included in this year’s issue.