ZEW-Präsident Achim Wambach zum neuen Vorsitz der Monopolkommission

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Today, after four years as chairman of the German Monopolies Commission, the term of office of ZEW President Achim Wambach has come to an end. In today’s meeting, the Monopolies Commission appointed the legal expert Professor Jürgen Kühling from Regensburg to be his successor. Professor Kühling has been a member of the Monopolies Commission since 1 July 2016. His research interests lie in the fields of regulation of network industries, information law and European state aid law.

ZEW President Prof. Dr. Achim Wambach comments in #ZEWquote on the change at the top to Professor Jürgen Kühling.
ZEW President Prof. Achim Wambach, PhD, comments on the change at the top of the Monopolies Commission and the challenges and opportunities for the ZEW.

ZEW President Wambach comments on the change in chairmanship of the Monopolies Commission:
“Professor Jürgen Kühling will now take office as chairman of the Monopolies Commission, where he will face several important tasks. In the past four years, the Monopolies Commission has worked intensively on issues related to the digitalisation of the economy and the systemic competition with China.
Now, it will have to critically and constructively evaluate the upcoming further development of EU competition law, and for Germany, it will have to prepare the Sector Reports. The railway and energy sectors, which are of crucial importance for the energy transition, require stronger competitive structures. With a research focus on the regulation of network industries, Jürgen Kühling comes highly prepared for these tasks. We wish him the best of success and luck in his new role.”

Professor Wambach has been a member of the Monopolies Commission since July 2014 and was appointed as its chairman in March 2016. In April 2016, he took on the position as president of ZEW Mannheim. His term of office as member of the Monopolies Commission ends in 2022.
The Monopolies Commission advises the German government and legislature in the areas of competition policy-making, competition law, and regulation.





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