Key areas

  • IT infrastructure: network and client servers
  • Telephone system and telephone services
  • Help desk and IT hotline, IT projects
  • IT committee, training in IT

The team “IT” is responsible for the smooth operation of the IT infrastructure and our colleagues’ work equipment. For this purpose, we consistently plan, maintain and develop modern IT solutions at ZEW. In addition to our standard data, mail and print services, network infrastructure or telephone system, we are able to support numerous physical and virtual servers in order to provide a modern working environment for research and service. This enables our researchers to generate one or more virtual computing nodes for their individual scientific work via a self-service portal, in accordance with their own requirements.

We support all of our colleagues on any day-to-day work tasks which they carry out on their desktop computers, notebooks and other devices through our IT help desk. If any of our colleagues encounter IT-related problems we are their first port of call. Wherever possible, we provide first-level IT support to immediately solve a problem. If necessary, we also advance to second- or third-level IT support in which we can further analyse the problem and find a solution. If requested, we are happy to provide basic training to our users which we plan beforehand and carry out on a regular basis.

We maintain future-oriented and essential technical developments together with all research and service units in the IT committee and advise the board of directors in all technical decisions. In addition, we make applications such as the Intranet, HR information or financial management systems available, ensure the security of data stored at ZEW via infrastructure services and provide further data security through daily backups.