Qualified economic advising and practical support for companies requires scientific foundations for the research work that underlies these advisory services. This is the task of the seven research departments and the one research group of the ZEW. For further information click on one of the research departments below.

ZEW's organisation is subdivided into seven research departments:

  • Labour Markets and Human Resources

    The Research Department “Labour Markets and Human Resources” investigates institutions and working conditions in firms.

  • Economics of Innovation and Industrial Dynamics

    The Research Department “Economics of Innovation and Industrial Dynamics” investigates the behaviour of firms under dynamic market conditions. more

  • Digital Economy

    The “Digital Economy” Research Department studies the impact of digitalisation on economic processes. more

  • International Finance and Financial Management

    The “International Finance and Financial Management” Research Department analyses international financial markets and financial market institutions. more

  • Environmental and Resource Economics, Environmental Management

    The “Environmental and Resource Economics, Environmental Management” Research Department investigates the optimal function of markets and institutions with regard to environmental aspects and resource scarcity. more

  • Corporate Taxation and Public Finance

    The “Corporate Taxation and Public Finance” Research Department addresses questions related to corporate taxation and empirical public economics. more

  • Social Policy and Redistribution

    The Research Department “Social Policy and Redistribution” investigates trends in income and wealth distribution. more

and one Research Group:

  • Market Design

    The Research Group “Market Design” focuses on the analysis and optimisation of markets. Its aim is to improve the performance of existing markets by actively shaping market rules. more