ZEW Economist Stichnoth Appointed to Family Report Expert Commission

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Focus on Single and Separated Parents

Professor Holger Stichnoth, head of ZEW’s “Inequality and Public Policy” Research Group, has been appointed by Federal Minister Lisa Paus as a member of the Expert Commission for the Tenth Family Report of the Federal Government on 11 January 2023. The Family Report regularly examines the situation of families in Germany and serves as a basis for well-founded political measures. Together with the other experts, Holger Stichnoth will work on the Tenth Family Report over the next two years, which will focus in particular on the situation of single parents and separated parents.

“The energy crisis, the effects of the war and inflation demand a lot from many families and place a great burden on them. It is therefore all the more important that the Expert Commission of the Family Report takes an in-depth look at the situation of parents and children in Germany and develops recommendations on how political measures can support families even better. As a proven expert in the field of family economics and inequality, Holger Stichnoth has the long-standing scientific experience in family policy issues necessary for this task. We are very pleased about his appointment to the commission, which is a testimony to his excellent work,” says ZEW President Professor Achim Wambach.

Federal Minister for Family Affairs Lisa Paus (centre, 4th from right to left) appointed the members of the expert commission for the preparation of the Tenth Family Report, among them ZEW economist Holger Stichnoth (3rd person from right to left).

“Single and separated parents in particular face many challenges on a daily basis, especially in times of crisis when uncertainty is high. Providing even more effective support to these parents and their children through prudent policy measures is a major concern of mine. That is why I am pleased to be able to contribute my expertise in a targeted manner to the government’s family policy,” emphasises Holger Stichnoth, who, in addition to his work at ZEW, is also a professeur conventionné at the University of Strasbourg.

At the request of the German Bundestag in 1965, the German government issues a report on the situation of families in Germany at least every second legislative period. The government appoints a commission of experts to prepare the report, which is presented publicly. The next report will be published in 2025.