ZEW Annual Report Again Wins International Design Award


The international design competition honoured the ZEW Media Design Team with its theme "Europe". The colour scheme ensured clarity and a clear separation to the other chapters.

The work of the ZEW Media Design Team was again honoured at the eleventh International Creative Media Awards (ICMA): The designers won bronze for the ZEW Annual Report 2019 in the category “Typography, Layout”. This year saw 387 international submissions.

ZEW Mannheim once again came up with a convincing Annual Report, this time – in line with the 2019 European elections – with a focus on “Europe”. The topic was the central theme of the publication, both editorially and creatively. The aim was to present the scientific competence and the European character of ZEW in an appealing way: This was achieved through a coherent image and graphic concept, beautiful typography and concise, reader-friendly texts. Last but not least, the Annual Report 2019 impressed with concise science graphics on, which are in line with the clear design and colour concept.

The theme “Europe” was represented by a special colour: The colour of the EU stars, Pantone Yellow, ensured clarity and a clear visual separation from the other chapters. In addition, cut-outs of the EU star can be found as a continuous link throughout the publication. The “Bronze Award” of the ICMA underlines the creative value of the annual report.

The ICMA is an international design competition for corporate publications, books, corporate identities, logos and magazines. Since 2010, the International Editorial Design & Research Forum has been awarding prizes for outstanding publications in various categories. The aim of the competition is to highlight worldwide design trends, to honour outstanding work and to promote creative exchange at an international level. This year the jury met virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic.