Study on the German ICT Sector as a Trailblazer in Innovation


The ICT sector is one of the most innovative sectors in Germany, with 7 per cent of revenue going into innovative projects. Germany is also a leading centre of technology for ICT (information and communication technologies) on the international arena, with 12 per cent of all ICT patents originating in Germany. As a cross-sectional technology, ICT also provides the impetus for innovations in other branches of the economy. This year, around 40 per cent of innovative companies introduced ICT-based innovations. This study underlines the central role played by ICT in Germany’s position as a location for innovation, as well as highlighting the opportunities offered by new innovation trends such as cloud computing, more efficient internet connections and intelligent networks in terms of the development of new business models and services and tackling future issues affecting our society.

The study was conducted by ZEW on behalf of BITKOM (the German Association for IT, Telecommunications and New Media) in the run up to the 5th National IT Summit in Dresden on 7 December, where the study was formally presented.

Download the study (in German) here


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