Put into Context: Climate Income


New Podcast Format with Professor Holger Stichnoth

The new podcast format gives brief economic insights into current debates. In the first episode, podcast host Dominic Egger talks to ZEW redistribution expert Holger Stichnoth about climate income.

German Labour Minister Hubertus Heil’s plan to introduce a social climate income is currently being hotly debated. Against the background of rising energy prices, the new policy instrument is intended to relieve people with low or medium incomes. The climate income was already agreed by the coalition parties last year in order to make the transformation to climate neutrality socially compatible.

Put into Context: Climate Income (in German only)


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In the first episode of the new podcast format ‘Kurz eingeordnet’ / ‘Put into Context’, ZEW redistribution expert Professor Holger Stichnoth gives his economic assessment of the climate income in conversation with host Dominic Egger and points out possible ways for equitable relief. How socially just is the planned climate income really? How much “climate” is left in the proposal currently under discussion? And is there perhaps a better alternative to a new social aid scheme? 

The episode is only available in German.


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